Hello Wedding Professionals!

Welcome to Confessions of a Wedding Planner, a site designed to anonymously share our experiences and gripes from working in the wedding and events field.

We’ve all had crazy brides, mothers, insane vendors, and just plain weird experiences, but sometimes it’s hard to share them without being unprofessional. ¬†That’s why we came up with this “safe haven” to share your stories and experiences anonymously, and be able to see others experiences and feel validated that, no, you’re not alone in this.

To share your story, simply¬†follow us on Instagram @confessionsof aweddingplanner and direct message us. We’ll then convert it to a blog post and ensure that it’s stripped of any identifying material you may have accidentally left in (names, locations, dates, etc.) We certainly don’t want to point any fingers or humiliate anyone, just share in the unintentional comedy that is the crazy world of weddings. Thanks for stopping by, and we look forward to seeing and sharing your stories soon!